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Top 9 Movies You Should Know Before Diving Into them

Usually, it pays to know what the movie is about before you sit down to enjoy it. Knowing the general premise or plot can help fans understand what writers, actors, and directors are all trying to get across in telling their story. However, there are some unique films that depart from this formula.

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Knowing too much about some movies can hurt your viewing experience, asking a simple question, like what the movie is Around It can even lead to a rabbit hole spoiling everything. Going into a few select movies without prior knowledge can be difficult or missing, but when it’s successful, it pretty much amounts to.

9 Enemy symbolism requires a second watch

Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve’s first collaboration before they became more famous prisoners is the mind-blowing adaptation of Jose Saramago’s novel, double, which has been renamed the enemy for the movie version.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a history professor named Adam Bell who lives a quiet life with his girlfriend Marie, played by Melanie Laurent. One day, he watches a movie in which an actor finds himself eerily similar to himself and begins a puzzling and dangerous chain of events. the enemy It’s weird and tense thanks to Villeneuve’s directing style that translates across the rest of his films, although unlike most of his other films, this one leans more on symbolism and surrealism.

8 Raw is Julia Docorno’s first movie, and it’s full of surprises

This French film is Julia Ducornu’s debut and received critical acclaim upon its release. raw It is considered a “adult horror drama” that lends itself to a range of different themes.

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raw It follows a young woman named Justin (Garence Miller) as she starts vet school; The same thing was attended by her older sister and her parents. It seems normal at first, though soon enough, the school’s pitfalls and social dynamics aren’t what they seem. Like Ducournau’s other works, raw Dive into intense body and blood terrors that were controversial to some, but there are twists in this movie that make for incredibly enjoyable viewing.

Darren Aronofsky 2017 movie, Mother! Starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem is known for how much critics have divided him. The main characters are known only as Mother (Lawrence) and he (Bardem) and there are no distinguishing features about their location outside their home.

The film descends into an unsettling conclusion exemplified by Lawrence’s performance and one scene at the end of the film always leaves viewers dumbfounded. The movie’s message is prevalent from start to finish and easy to identify, making it a perfect example of a movie to start watching without prior context.

6 The black bear is getting weirder with every new part

Written and directed by Lawrence Michael Levine, black bear It is told in three parts, each part being mind-bending and more disturbing than the last. The film stars Aubrey Plaza, Christopher Abbott, and Sarah Gadon who all gave excellent performances in this tense dark comedy drama.

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The film opens with Alison (Plaza), a young writer and director residing in the lake home of Gabe (Abbott) and Blair (Jadon), a married couple looking for inspiration. The tension rises almost instantly and the plot continues to spin as the film is split into three parts, providing an intense and shocking viewing experience that works best with viewers not even knowing what’s going on.

5 The death of a tall rooster has a shocking twist

Dick Long dies Directed by Daniel Scheinert, half of the famous director duo Daniels, best known for their films swiss army man And the Everything everywhere at once. The movie begins when three friends Dick (Daniel Scheinert), Zeke (Michael Abbott Jr.), and Earl (Andre Hyland) spend a night hanging out together until Dick suffers injuries that leave unexplained to the audience. Zeke and Andre drop him in the emergency room where Dick’s death is revealed the next day. The remainder of the film uncovers the mystery of Dick’s death, resulting in a shocking transformation.

4 Tusk is hard to watch for the second time

From Kevin Smith’s feature film, the disturbing comedy horror tusk Starring Justin Long and Michael Parks. The movie is based on a story from Smith’s podcast, which he then wrote in full script.

The film follows a podcaster writer (Long) who travels to Canada for an interview for his show, and while there he meets an eccentric but reclusive sailor (Parks). His trip to Canada soon goes sideways after he agrees to stay with the sailor, who turns out to have ulterior motives. Viewers who can watch this film for the first time untainted can experience one of the most surprising turns of a movie in recent memory.

3 Titane has a unique and amazing plot

Titan It is Julia Ducornu’s second film after making a name for herself raw. The film won the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival. Famous for its body horror and unconventional plot, which deserves to be unraveled when viewers first experience it.

The film stars Agathe Rouselle in the title role, Alexia, who has been praised for her strong and dynamic performance. I started the movie as a showgirl, but the character’s journey throughout the story goes through many emotional and physical transitions that can, at times, be shocking.

2 A Greek tragedy inspired by the murder of a sacred deer

Yorgos Lanthimos is famous for its unique style and Kill a sacred deer It captures Lanthimos’ work to a tee. The cast offers spooky performances in this 2017 film loosely inspired by an ancient Greek tragedy.

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Kill a sacred deer It stars Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman and Barry Keoghan in his most disturbing role yet. It follows Farrell as a heart surgeon who is a friend of Keoghan’s character, connected to past events that were initially unclear to the public. The story takes time to unfold as the strange events unfold, and viewers have to go into this movie without any context for the introduction or the second half of the story.

1 New species fluctuate in its second law

This psychological thriller is the directorial debut of Mimi Cave, starring Daisy Edgar Jones and Sebastian Stan. Fresh The show begins with Noah (Edgar Jones), a woman who navigates the dating world when she meets Steve (Stan). The couple has instant chemistry and for Noah, Steve is incredibly charming and unlike the other guys I’ve tried to date in the past.

The movie is turned upside down, and is best enjoyed when viewers know very little about the premise or what the second and third acts entail. Acting in Edgar-Jones and Stan was met with critical acclaim and follows the color shift to a tee, surprising audiences just as the movie needed them to.

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