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Top 7 movies that change genres

A film’s literary genre is the set of elements, metaphors, aesthetics, and conventions it follows, categorizing them loosely with other films and letting the audience know what kind of story is to be told. They are by no means exclusion labels, as shown by the well-known genres of action comedy or comedy-drama.

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However, it is the rare films that move from one to the other rather than mixing genres. They start with all the metaphors and mores of one genre, like westerns, tragedy, or superheroes, only to completely change their story into another genre. They often keep the same characters, setting, and sometimes even graphic, but they completely change the style of the story.

7 Hot fluff transformed from a detective story to a flick

Part of the deconstruction of the genre “Cornetto Trilogy”, hot fluff He spends all his time sarcasm and seeking soulful fun in every kind of police movie. For her first two works, the most casual genres are detective puzzles. The story follows Nicholas Angell as he tries to find a murder inside the small village of Sandford.

Once Nicholas finds out how many killers are in Sandford, hot fluff It takes a different path. After spending much of its running time ridiculing American police action movies as unrealistic and impractical, the third act turns into a complete rebuilding as Nicholas and the other police battle the Neighborhood Watch Association in a long, blazing firefight that fits any action. Movie.

6 The predator becomes more nervous as soon as the titular alien appears

predator Best known for his long Dutch language sequences, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, he brawls with the film’s titular creature in a science-fiction thriller. Despite this, in about half of its running time, this aspect is nowhere to be seen. predator It plays like a general military action movie with a squad of soldiers killing rebels.

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As the crew moves to evacuate, they are trapped by an invisible alien hunter, who picks them up one by one. The once-light-blooded thriller takes a turn on the tension as this band of human soldiers is attacked by something from another world. then, predator It moves back to a more straightforward sci-fi story for its climax.

One of the most critically acclaimed changes in the genre was in Japanese film the testDirected by Takashi Miki. The first half is a sweet, innocent romantic comedy where widower Shigeharu Aoyama conducts mock experiments in an attempt to find a woman he can relate to, only to find himself irrevocably attracted to Asami Yamazaki.

There are some hints of the weirdness about Asami, but they seem to simply facilitate the cute plot of the encounter. in the testBut halfway through, Asami appears as a tormented serial killer who targets men for not loving her enough. the test He transforms into a tense horror car as Aoyama falls into its trap and torments him horribly.

4 Romantic music until the arrival of the Nazis

classical romantic music, sound of Music It tells the real-life story of the von Trapp family in the days before the annexation between Germany and Austria. The first half follows a nun named Maria as she becomes the governess to von Trapps, only to fall in love with the father and undergo a number of ordeals before marriage.

sound of MusicThe second half takes a drastic turn, loosely reflecting the events taking place in the real world. When Maria and Captain von Trapp return from their honeymoon, the Nazis take control of Austria and seek to force the captain to take up a position in the Navy. as such, sound of MusicHer last act comes after the family’s escape from the Nazis, with nearly all vocals missing from the film.

3 The Babysitter is a coming-of-age horror movie

With the nondescript title and opening minutes, there is no mention of the first part of baby sitter It isn’t anything other than a coming-of-age story about a teenage boy who struggles with his crush on his babysitter. When Cole’s friend Melanie suggests he see what his babysitter, B, is doing while he’s in bed, Cole watches her and her friends kill another teen.

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baby sitter Then it becomes a horror comedy where Bee and her friends try to kill Cole and drain his blood for a demonic sacrifice. While he retains the comedic elements throughout, the shift from maturity to horror is obvious, giving baby sitter Its early development is particularly shocking.

2 From dusk till dawn ceases to be a crime movie sharply

From dusk till dawn It starts the way any audience might think a movie written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez would go — with a pair of bad criminals on the run from the law. During the first half, the gecko brothers commit a criminal spree as they head to a club in Mexico where they can be transported away to a criminal haven.

While they are relaxing in this club with many others, the staff and dancers suddenly reveal that they are vampires. Rest From dusk till dawn It plays like a B-action horror movie where few humans fight back in any way they can. The film has one of cinema’s most famous and acclaimed paradigm shifts, which is considered to clearly raise the bar for the film.

1 Paddington is a comedy about fish out of water with a killer stuffed animal

Known as a child-friendly character, Paddington Bear is a small Peruvian bear who gets a comic and adorable misunderstanding. a lot of first Paddington The film follows this formula, showing Paddington falling into an affair with the Brown family and struggling with daily activities such as washing himself.

However, there is a secondary thread that takes center stage for PaddingtonIt culminates in the form of Millicent Clyde, a taxidermy who wants to prove the existence of Paddington to repair her father’s reputation. As such, the third act of the film takes on the trappings of an action-thriller as Brown attempts to save Paddington from being skinned. It’s a somewhat ominous exit from PaddingtonPrevious comics.

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