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The best popular British horror movies and series to watch after men

Help the Unholy Trinity usher in a new subgenre of horror. General Witchfinder And the Blood on the claws of the devil They were two early models of what became known as popular horror. Before Nicolas Cage (And his frenetic “Not the bee!”), there was Edward WoodwardThe cooler and tougher sacrificial victim in the Caper Trilogy, wicker man. These films are not related to the story or characters in any way but how they helped set some standards. The influences of them, large and small, can be seen in Alex Garland‘s men.

In a popular horror movie, the story should include a location cut off from the larger world. It can mean an island or just a secluded community – the landscape is almost always there to keep outsiders from returning to more densely populated destinations. Ancient traditions are central to bizarre situations, from superstitions to ancient religions. Usually, movies of this subgenre don’t have anything supernatural going on. All evil and atrocities are committed by human hands. When it includes more fantasy elements, the monsters are pulled out of folklore. If someone becomes your favorite character, beware. Not everyone survives.

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Witchfinder General (1968)

A mixture of popular and western horror, this movie is the first in “Unholy Trinity”. with Vincent Price As real Matthew Hopkins, the scariest part is how true this historical fantasy movie is. Hopkins was really pleased to be a witch hunter, which led to the death of many. In the movie, superstitions of witchcraft turned into deadly ammunition to fuel Hopkins onward. He gladly uses torture methods to extract confessions from his victims. It ends on a particularly bleak note and a lot of appreciation should go to veteran actor Bryce, who is much more serious about this role than the previous one. Watch it for free on Pluto TV.

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Banshee Cry (1970)

Vincent Price has returned to play another cruel man in power. There is no doubt about Lord Edward Whitman’s motives. After stigmatizing a woman as a witch, he gets a taste of corrupt power and looks for more. In his controlled part of Elizabethan England, everyone is truly at his mercy. But he doesn’t have much to give. His eldest son did not fall far from the rotten tree and the two witches chased after them. Witches here have supernatural power, but they are given more sympathy. Compared to witch hunters, witches are practically a saint. And unlike Hopkins, Bryce Whitman meets a coveted ending.

Blood on Devil’s Claw (1971)

The events take place in a village of the eighteenth century, and the children begin to behave very badly. Some do not attend the school supervised by the local pastor. But this is the least of the parents’ worries. This is where they go in their absence is cause for concern. In the surrounding forest, the children fell under the influence of a demonic entity. It all starts with the discovery of a strange skull at work. Although a very real supernatural monster slowly appears, it is the humans who are causing some terrible violence towards each other. This film has become the middle chapter of the “unholy trinity” of popular horror films. You can watch it on Tubi or Pluto TV.

The Wicker Man (1973)

Unlike the other two films that make up Unholy Trinity, this movie does not involve the use of magic or anything demonic. It is a clash between Christianity and paganism. Police Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) travels to Sorcerer to solve a mystery. Its dissolution will eventually mean a very bleak fate. like the price, Christopher Lee She left behind more camp villain for a morally ambiguous role as the leader of the islanders. Part of the fun is wondering where his intentions lie. despite wicker man It is a slow burn, and there are horrific accidents just below the surface. composer Paul Giovanni and the band magnet Create a soundtrack almost full of popular music. Everything seems so hilarious at first, the islanders seem eccentric if anything. That is, until the agonizing ending that essentially earned this movie its legacy.

A field in England (2013)

Directed by Ben WheatleyThis experimental story takes place during the English Civil War. It’s been a very poor narcotic ride, with a strong flash and quick release that gives a sense of disorientation. It’s one of the more disturbing uses of “Ring Around The Rosie” as men begin to really slip into the frenzy in the fields. Various elements of England’s past appear, with chemistry and a diving rod, to take audiences back in time. Made Wheatley more like a trilogy for popular horror, with the precedent kill list (2011) and onlookers (2012) but field in England It really is something to try. First-class sound design, especially when there is a strong wind gust; All noise is removed away except for the characters on screen. You can watch this on Hulu.

Jerusalem (2015)

In this Irish-British production, the Hitchens family moves to a secluded Irish village, surrounded by a lush forest. In keeping with the use of folklore as a source of horror, monsters this time around is the title of the film. Be it fairies or gossip, “Requiems” are child thieves. This is bad news for the Hitchens family, because they have one child, a baby boy. Events start small but portend exacerbation. There are bars on all the windows in Hitchens’ new home, and from the villagers and even the police come warnings about what’s living in the woods. From the horror of the body to the attacks of creatures, sanctify It all goes to dark fairy tales that have no pixie dust.

Dark Song (2016)

In another UK-Ireland co-production, Grieving Mother Sophie (Catherine Walker) wishes to communicate with her deceased son and finds a ritual to do so. But in order to make a connection, she needs the help of a mysterious expert. I found Joseph (Steve Oram), an antisocial alcoholic. The only way to do the ritual is for the two to confine themselves to a house in the wilds of North Wales for six months. If they leave the house, it does not mean anything good. When they begin, the strained relationship between the two softens, revealing the very real pain dark song wants to discuss. They both hoped to have two completely different desires and by the end, they really changed.

The Messenger (2018)

Dan Stevens He plays Thomas, a deeply broken man who learns that his sister has been kidnapped. She was taken to an island under the control of a religious cult. It was founded by convicts and only through bloody sacrifices could they keep the earth healthy. Thomas arrives on the island, and enters a hellish world. In an attempt to reach his sister, Thomas risks his life. This is a slow burn until a very brutal messy third act. Prophet Filled with images that keep popular horror inspiration alive and well, the mixture of nature and body horror can be something far from a fever dream. You can watch this on Netflix.

Third Day (2020)

Narrated in two parts over six episodes, Good Low And the Naomi Harris Star as two characters arrive on the isolated island of Osea. Once the high tide hits, the bridge is closed, effectively preventing anyone from leaving – if you wish. An older religion is practiced here, as usual in the subgenre. music from Cristobal Tapia de Ver Filled with the sounds of nature, she truly locks her team up in the ubiquitous greenery of Osea. For an immersive event that shows an intense ritual in the play, singer Florence Welch He gets a cameo, performing one of the show’s most outlandish pieces. Watch on HBO Max.

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