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The Best Movies Coming to Prime Video in June 2022

it’s time for Amazon Prime VideoCatalog to change again. This month, you can expect to watch one new original movie, my fake friend. Starring Dylan Sprouse, Sarah Hyland, and Kenan Lonsdale, it’s a romance series that features a group of friends trying to help one of them get over his ex-wife with a new idea for a boyfriend, and eventually chase after the man of his dreams. However, Prime seems to be shifting away from original movies to focus more on original shows, as there are plenty of those coming out this month, including Season 3 of boys.

Outside of the new originals coming to the service, the catalog of free movies is changing, with old and new ones leaving to join the Freevee platform on Amazon. While the service may lose out on some titles that are free to watch on a prime subscription, you can always count on them still being available for rent, if you’re willing to spend the money. And if you have a Prime Video subscription and are looking for something new to watch, here are some of the best movies you’ll find coming to the streaming platform, all on June 1.

Today’s movie

8 Megamind

Megamind It is a superhero animated comedy from a villain’s perspective, where a super villain is actually the main character. He’s a blue alien that grew up in a prison, and thus would never fit in with anyone for both reasons. His opponent, Metro Man, also comes from space, but he fits better due to his better upbringing and the fact that he looks human. After Megamind finally gains the upper hand and defeats Metro Man, he takes over the city and quickly discovers he’s bored unchallenged. Using some Metro Man’s DNA, he tries to make a new hero to fight against, but only ends up creating a villain worse than himself.

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7 White men can’t jump

If you love movies about sports, you will surely enjoy them White men can’t jump. The main character, Billy Howell, makes a living by gambling with his basketball skills. He convinces others to bet on their game, thinking he can’t play because he’s white. Sidney Dean lost twice to Billy before he proposed a partnership to help them earn money, which Billy agrees to. Later, he is found to have been cheated on by Sidney, who was intentionally playing badly so that they would lose in revenge. After finding out he’s been cheated on, he and his girlfriend plead with Sydney and his girlfriend, who agree to return them some money if Billy and Sidney participate in a duo tournament, thus beginning the establishment of their friendship.

6 Philadelphia

Philadelphia It has been recognized as one of the first mainstream Hollywood films to address both AIDS and homophobia. Andrew Beckett, a senior assistant at Philadelphia’s largest law firm, hides his HIV diagnosis and homosexuality from his co-workers. Even though he suffers from his illness, he still works on the case allotted to him, passing papers on to his assistants with instructions on how to properly present them. When the papers somehow disappear and are saved at the last possible moment, he is left from the company. Believing that someone had deliberately corrupted the papers to get him fired, he now began filing a lawsuit against him, hoping to find a lawyer to represent him even when his illness was discovered.

5 The best father in the world

black comedy The best father in the world It follows the story of Lance Clayton, an aspiring author who currently teaches at the school his son attends. After finding his son had died in a rather embarrassing accident, Clayton decided to try to preserve his son’s dignity by making it look like a suicide, writing a note and all. When the school gets their hands on the note and publishes it in their paper, suddenly everyone pays attention to it, just as Clayton always wanted his writing to be. High, he takes a step forward and begins writing and publishing a magazine that is supposed to belong to his son, but as interest increases, he begins to feel guilty for taking advantage of him in this way. One of Rob Williams’ subsequent best and best performances makes the Bobcat Goldthwait movie a frustrating masterpiece.

4 Juno

Juno It is a movie about a teenage pregnancy. The titular character, Juno MacGuff, ends up getting pregnant by her friend. Immediately, she seeks an abortion, and visits a local clinic, before deciding that she will adopt the child instead. She finds a soon-to-be husband who is willing to adopt her child in a closed adoption situation, and after meeting them several times, her life becomes more complicated as she tries to deal with her growing and changing relationships as she carries the child through to the end of the pregnancy.

3 Shawn of the dead

Usually zombie movies are thrillers or horror movies, but in Shawn of the deadThis genre has turned into a comedy. Sean is going through a rough time in his life as most of his relationships don’t go well, including the tension between him and his stepfather and the fact that his girlfriend dumped him. One night, a roommate complained about a bite he received from a previous burglary, and the next day, they discover that a zombie outbreak has taken over the city, including his roommate. With his other roommate, Ed, they devise a plan to rescue Sean’s parents and his girlfriend, trying to find a way to wait out the crisis and, along the way, mend Sean’s relationships. Brilliant and funny horror comedy changed the game for the genre and helped launch the careers of Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, and Nick Frost.

2 Fabulous Mr. Fox

Animation movie Fabulous Mr. Fox It revolves around the life of a fictional fox. When Mr. Fox and his wife Felicity fall into a trap while trying to steal from a farm, she reveals to him that she is pregnant, and begs him that he will find a safer job. Two years later he becomes a newspaper columnist, and moves his family to a better house in a tree despite warnings about his proximity to three terrified farms and farmers. The farmer tempts him to try to steal again, causing problems for his family of three farmers. Wes Anderson’s quirky style is beautifully captured in this totally charming movie with an absolutely amazing voice cast.

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1 Call me by your name

popular romantic drama Call me by your name Elio is 17 years old, and in the summer his father invited archaeologist Oliver, an American graduate student in the same field, to live with them and get help with his academic papers. While Elio initially thinks they have nothing in common and doesn’t really spend time with Oliver, the closer it gets to Oliver leaving, the more they seem to hang out, and it turns out they are more compatible than Elio thought, as a romantic relationship begins to develop between them. It’s a beautiful, luxurious and tonal picture that is consistently praised as one of the most romantic LGBTQ+ films of all time.

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