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Adapted from the children’s novel of the same name, Apple TV + Harriet the spy It stars 11-year-old Penny Feldstein, a curious writer determined to find the answers behind anything and everything that piques her curiosity. Apart from Feldstein, the Box Mart And the Isolation Joining the star are veteran actors like Jane Lynch and Lacey Chabert, as well as some truly notable voice actors.

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When it comes to the latter category, the group includes not only the actors involved in other children’s cartoons or superhero shows, but even popular animated series such as Naruto. All in all, the original Apple TV+ boasts a team of famous and critically acclaimed artists.

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Benny Feldstein – Boxmart (2019)

Getting her big break with a supporting role Lady Bird, Harriet the Spy Leading Benny Feldstein has continued her streak with upcoming comedy Box Mart. Starring opposite Caitlin Dever, Feldstein plays a “nerdy” high school student who wants to give up one night before graduation. The after results are exaggerated, playful, and unexpectedly intimate.

While Feldstein continued to prove her dramatic prowess with the FX series impeachment, Booksmart Attest to her impeccable comic timing.

Jane Lynch – Best Show (2000)

Kristi and Sherry do an interview on Best in Show

She played Harriet’s nanny Ollie Jolie two and a half men Alumnus Jane Lynch. The actress is also known for appearing in several Christopher Guest satirical films including The best in the show. A satirical film about competitive dog shows, the film takes an inside look at one of these events and the participants’ fictional antics.

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Oftentimes, movies that focus on dogs tend to take an emotional turn, but The best in the show It shows how being attached to an extravagant pet dog can be grotesquely funny. Joining Lynch is a talented band that boasts proverbs Sheet Creek Actors: Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

Lacey Chabert – The Wild Thornberrys (1998-2004)

Elisa and Dwayne walking in the grass in Wild Thornberrys (2002)

The brainchild of creators Rugrats, Wild Thornberry This is another classic Nickelodeon cartoon from the 2000s. It features a dysfunctional family of nature researchers and the adventures children embark on. The cast is led by 12-year-old Elisa, the youngest daughter in the family who has a talent for communicating with animals.

Lacey Chabert, who voted for Harriet Antagonists Marion, also lends her voice to Eliza. She continued to reprise the role in The movie Wild Thornberrys And a crossover movie with Rugrats called Rugrats Go Wild.

Kimberly Brooks – Spies in Disguise (2019)

Spies In Disguise Movie Poster

Harriet Janie’s best friend is voiced by Kimberly Brooks, a prolific voice actress with credits ranging from Dexter’s lab to me steven universe. When it comes to movies, she’s been spotted lately Space Jam: A New Legacy An animated spy comedy spies undercover.

Star Will Smith stars as a “Cool Spy” who is accidentally turned into a pigeon by the smartest kid Scientist, voiced by Tom Holland. As the movie parodies the super-gadgets of spy franchises like the James Bond films, the superhero’s supercar, the Audi RSQ e-Tron, is voiced by Brooks.

Crispin Freeman – Young Justice (2010-)

Crispin Freeman appears as Harriet’s father, another talented voice actor with a diverse track record in film and television. The latter is popular among DC fans as Red Arrow voiced AKA Roy Harper in the teenage superhero series. young justice. distinguishes itself from the usual DC teams such as the Justice League, young justice Focuses on teen characters like Robin, Miss Martian, Aqualad, and Superboy.

With global threats increasing with each new season, young justice It also explores the personal struggles of his honorary team and the experiences of coming of age. Freeman’s Red Arrow is an integral part of the team that shares a turbulent relationship with other notable figures on the team.

Gray Griffin – Indomitable (2021-)

Ray shrinks standing in a still image of the indomitable

Gray Griffin appeared as the mother of Harriet, a voice actress who also explored other creative avenues such as comedy, singing, and songwriting. In terms of voice acting, one of her most recent credits includes an adult cartoon superhero show Invincible. Dealing with the introduction of a young hero into the awakening of superheroes, Invincible It also makes fun of familiar superhero characters with a great team of heroes who are similar to the famous Marvel and DC characters.

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One of these is Shrinking Rae, a superhero who can manipulate her size as Marvel’s Ant-Man and DC’s Atom. Gray Griffin voices the character who is also a member of the superhero group Guardians of the Globe.

Bumper Robinson – Justice League: Doom (2012)

JLD promotional art with Batman holding a Batarang with league reversal

Bumper Robinson appears in Harriet the spy as Jane’s father. Other than that, Robinson has been attached to several franchises such as Transformers, Marvel, and DC properties. His most famous role in DC is that of Cyborg in the DC animated film Justice League: Death. Inspired by the Justice League’s “Tower of Babel” graphic story in the 2000s, the death He puts the team of superheroes against Ra’s Al Ghul.

However, this conflict leads to an ideological civil war within themselves as it is revealed that Batman always had a contingency plan to confront every member of the team in the event of a worst-case scenario. The result is an introspective superhero drama that explores themes such as strength and loyalty.

Charlie Schlatter – Batovsky Kick: Suburban Daredevil (2010-2012)

Putovsky kick standing with his arms up

Aside from Janie, Harriet’s other best friend is Sports, who did the voice of Charlie Schlatter. When it comes to his leading roles, he will be an unforgettable credit Potowski kick In which he voiced the protagonist. The animated comedy deals with the dangerous stunts of Kick Buttowski, a rebellious young boy who embarks on a journey to be the world’s greatest daring stuntman. He is joined in his adventures by his loyal partner Gunther.

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Although most of his stunts experience some interference or that, Kick’s adrenaline-filled quests truly make him a “suburban daredevil”.

Miley Flanagan – Naruto (2002-2007)

Naruto uses the Shadow Clone jutsu.

Pinkie Whitehead, a fellow Harriet’s idiot, is voiced by Mile Flanagan. Although her live gigs might find her appearing as a woman in authoritative roles, Flanagan is beloved among anime dubs fans, as she voices an titular teenager in Naruto. One of the best shounen anime in existence. Naruto The film revolves around the journey of a young ninja to become the leader of his village and the greatest ninja in his area.

Flanagan’s bold and immature way of voicing Naruto has proven to be a staple of the most popular English-speaking voice actors.

Phil Lamar – Samurai Jack (2001-2017)

Jack raises the sword in Samurai Jack

guest star in one Harriet the spy As a school sports teacher, Phil Lamar is popularly known as Marvin V Pulp Fiction, a sinister young man who faces a hilarious car death. But over the years, LaMarr has proven himself as a voice actor, especially after his lead role in Samurai Jack.

Fusing themes from samurai fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy, this original Cartoon Network game is a mixture of genres and acts as an animation balancing style and substance. The plot mainly deals with Jack, a samurai who is sent to a different timeline. On his way home, Jack engages in adventures to save the world. LaMarr voiced the character in both the original seasons as well as the Adult Swim revival.

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