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More Ghostbusters Movies Happening According to Sony Chief

Sony has seen a lot of success in its theatrical films lately with the likes of Spider-Man: There is no room for homeAnd the UnknownAnd the Morbius being the most prominent. However, one of the most underrated gems that came out last year was Ghostbusters: The Afterlife. This movie grossed nearly $200 million at the global box office, and at CinemaCon last month, Sony confirmed it Ghostbusters 5 was in the works. Now, in an exclusive interview with Deadline, the president of Sony Tom Rothman Confirm it more Ghostbusters Movies are in the works as well.

The answer was a simple “yes” when Deadline specifically asked if there were more Ghostbustersbut here’s an exact quote from Rothman:

Yes we will. We have a lot of franchise worlds to work with, but since I have the deadline here, I’d say, and please include this, okay? Everyone will say, yeah she did $3 billion but it’s all sequels and superheroes. Not all of that. There was once…in Hollywood and Little Women. This summer, we’ve got Bullet Train, from David Leitch, with Brad Pitt, an original, pure action R-rock ’em, sock’ em for adults. And where the Crowdads sings, a bestseller with up-and-coming actress, Daisy Edgar Jones, for women. I totally think women will be back at the box office.

While this could mean anything in terms of the stories they can tell in Ghostbusters Universe, it’s nice to hear that Sony appreciates Ghostbusters As much as they do like franchise Spider Man. especially after Ghostbusters: The Afterlife Which brought a gentle breath of fresh, spooky air to the franchise. How was each of the deceased honored? Harold Ramis And the Evan Reitman It was just awesome honest. The film also stood alone as such a fun tale of coming of age with likable characters that brought back the more horror-centric elements of the franchise. This is something we haven’t really seen from the start Ghostbusters In 1984.

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We still don’t know what the fifth movie is about or who will follow, but it’s a safe bet he’ll see Ghostbusters back in New York as they rebuild their brand as in one of the hereafterPost credit sightings. Hopefully this means that the original Ghostbusters will team up with Egon’s granddaughter Phoebe, played by The Amazing. Makena GraceWho stole the show in the last movie.

It will be interesting to see what the new Ghostbusters films will look like after the upcoming fifth entry. This may be the beginning of a multi-team Ghostbuster just outside of New York. From a comic book perspective, it could be like West Coast Avengers or East Titans for Ghostbusters Franchise business. It’s all speculation at this point, but there are plenty of possibilities to explore the lore of the universe further in these upcoming projects. In the four movies up to this point, the surface of the spirit realm has been Ghostbusters It was just scratched.

So we learn more specific information about the future Ghostbusters Franchising, you can read Rothman’s full interview at Deadline. You can also stream files Ghostbusters: The Afterlife On Stars now.

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