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Here's everything we know about the future of Star Wars movies

On Thursday, May 26, Star Wars Celebration 2022 kicks off in California with Lucasfilm’s Studio Showcase. During the show, fans present watched the first shots of AndorI heard the duel of predestination live and learned it The Mandalorian season 3 and Ahsoka Both are ready to premiere in 2023. But with the show wrapping up, Lucasfilm has failed to answer our most pressing question. where is the star Wars Movies?

When you do the next day star Wars Graduate movies?

Soon after the Lucasfilm studio exhibition ended, Share an article featuring 20 highlights from the event. None of these distinctive features have anything to do with a device star Wars Movie. It’s becoming increasingly clear that movies will take the back seat of shows right now. Disney should avoid making the same mistakes twice.

In an interview with movie total After the show, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy discussed “the strange lack of talk about films.”

First, she confirmed that the untitled project from Taika Waititi will be next star Wars Movie. If all goes accordingly, it should be rolled out in late 2023, according to Kennedy. But she also admitted that the studio hadn’t “closed anything” yet.

Here is what Kennedy had to say when asked about future film development:

Of course, they were in motion the whole time. As we leave the saga, we have all this great and exciting action going on on the TV side that tells us a lot about where we’re headed. We want to be very intentional about that. And we have a great talent to work with – people who care deeply about what’s next star Wars It’s about getting people back to movie theaters, so we can be a hit. This is important to us.

Kennedy then provided an intriguing answer to a question about transcending the Skywalker Saga story: “We need to create a whole new story,” she declared.

While that’s not particularly surprising, Lucasfilm and Disney haven’t yet shared a rough roadmap of what’s going to happen in the future. star Wars appears in theaters. Based on Kennedy’s answer, it appears the plan is to leave Anakin, Luke, and Rey behind and start over.

future star Wars movie franchise

Star Wars: The Supreme Republic explores the golden age of the Jedi. Image source: Star Wars

Here is the current status – as far as we know – for each unreleased case star Wars The movie Lucasfilm and Disney have announced so far:

  • Untitled Taika Waititi ProjectIn May 2020, Disney announced that Taika Waititi will be directing a new Star Wars movie that he will co-write with Christy Wilson-Kearns. The film is currently scheduled to hit theaters before the end of 2023.
  • a fraud swarm: During the 2020 Investor Day event, Disney said the following day star Wars It will be a feature film a fraud swarm. Patti Jenkins had signed the agreement to direct and We even got this cute little video. After about a year, The Hollywood Reporter She stated that scheduling issues delayed filming, and therefore, Disney removed the film from its production schedule. 2024 should be the earliest we can expect to see Rogue Squadron.
  • ryan johnson trilogy: It’s been nearly five years since Disney and Lucasfilm first announced it last serious Director Rian Johnson will create a new brand star Wars movie trilogy. They said the trilogy will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy star Wars never explored before.” In 2022, that is still all we know about these films. In a recent interview, Kathleen Kennedy admitted that “Ryan has been incredibly busy Take out the knives And the deal he made at Netflix for multiple movies.”

As you can say, the future star Wars Movies look decidedly bleak. Now that Waititi has finished second ox Film, he has time to focus on his first film star Wars Movie. If there is no delay, we may see it before the end of next year. Other than that, it’s not clear what the future holds for one of the biggest franchises of all time.