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From 'Twilight' to 'Never Have I Ever', 8 Shows/Movies to Watch More Teen Love Triangles

While it wasn’t the first movie to do so, The Twilight Saga It really blew up the teen romance genre and brought the love triangle to the fore. After a brief period, hunger Games This was followed by the expansion of the idea of ​​the “team” that the plane had landed earlier twilight. Since then, moviegoers and TV viewers of all ages have become obsessed with the teenage love triangle and have been anticipating the couple that will come out on top.

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With his highly anticipated return for a third season later this year, I never did before It rose to the top of the teenage triangle type. It follows the original Netflix original Devi Vishwakumar (Maitri Ramakrishnan) as she navigates love, high school, and popularity after the sudden death of her father. The show has two seasons already available on Netflix, with the series scheduled for seasons three and four before completing its run. As you immerse yourself in files twilight And the hunger Games movies and NHIEKeep these series and movies in mind when you can’t get enough of charging a couple.

The Vampire Diaries

First, there was twilight; Then there was The Vampire Diaries. Both are from the book series that found a huge cinematic following once they hit the big screen. The Vampire Diaries It follows a high school girl who falls in love with a teenage vampire while winning the heart of her vampire older brother at the same time.

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The show ran for eight seasons on the CW Network, garnering a larger than life fan base not only for the main characters’ love triangle but also for the supporting character’s triangles. Viewers have shipped several different pairs, splitting into teams throughout the series’ run. The show is now available to stream on Netflix and is perfect for the less volatile supernatural love triangles.

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“half of it”

A non-standard love triangle, Netflix’s half of it It is the perfect romantic movie for teens about exploring identity and finding love. movie stars Leah Lewis Like Ellie Chu, a smart teen who discovers a quick way to make some money by writing a love letter to a school jockey. She does not expect to befriend the jock while also falling in love with the crush she helps in court.

To secure its place as one of the best teen romance novels of the past decade, half of it It presents an unusual triangle for the genre that critics and audiences appreciate. This Netflix original is perfect for a realistic plot without the usual metaphors of supernatural drama or high school brilliance.


An intense look at the fictional experience of General Z in high school, trance It establishes a solid foundation in season one to allow for an unsettling love triangle in season two. The series presents the star of the industry Zendaya As the show’s narrator and main character, Rowe. HBO Max hit follows a group of teens as they navigate waters and the traumas of drugs, sex, love, loss and identity.

Zendaya will go on to be the youngest winner of Best Leading Actress in a Drama Series Emmys for her portrayal of Raw Street in Season 1. Graphic and candid, the show hits close to home for many as it tackles hard-hitting themes in a real and presented way. The show is available to stream outside of HBO Max with a Hulu Premium subscription.

‘Pretty in Pink’

80s Equivalent to Devi VishwakumarAnd the Molly Ringwald in Beautiful in Brink Life brought to the original struggle of choosing between two sons. Andy (Ringwald) must choose between dating a boy she’s known since childhood or a new rich boy who has taken an interest in her. Directed by John HughesThe film is a symbol of teenage love triangles.

to this day, Pretty in pink It is a fan favorite for multiple types of movie nights. This movie checks all the boxes, whether it’s Hughes night, ’80s night, or teenage love triangle night. The classic version is available to stream with premium subscriptions to Hulu, Amazon Prime, or Starz.

“We are all dead”

A show not announced as romance, a Netflix show We are all dead It features a group of high school teens battling a zombie apocalypse. A Korean horror series, the series has achieved great popularity with a new audience squid game. So far, with one season of ten episodes, the show includes two love triangles amidst blood and violence of its theme type.

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While love triangles are not the pressing issue that drives the plot, they do influence the decisions of the characters who ultimately decide who lives and who dies. The broadcast giant announced a second season; It is not clear if the love triangle element will return to the Hyosan High School students.

“Alex Strangelove”

Another Netflix original, Alex Strangelove, It is an LGBTQ+ love story about discovering yourself and who you are really supposed to love. Alex Trulov (Daniel DohenyHis final year was marked for losing his virginity to his old girlfriend. He becomes confused in more ways than one after meeting a charming gay teen, which prompts Alex to embark on a journey of gender identity.

Finding a home in the comedy genre as well, the film provides clever and sometimes lewd lines to this modern tale of adulthood. The love triangle element allows this movie to be a standout in the genre, perfect for an afternoon when a light-hearted movie is best suited.


hit CW, Riverdale It is home to many love triangles, including teens and adults. Based on Archie Comics, Riverdale It follows a group of high school students as their city is plagued by dark mysteries. Adolescents face love, lust, betrayal, and societal expectations.

with stars like Cole SprouseAnd the KJ ApaAnd the Lili ReinhartAnd the Camila MendesThe non-supernatural series was a huge success and will remain a legendary franchise of the CW series. The series is currently wrapping up its airtime with season six, and the seventh and final season will air this fall. Seasons 1-5 is now available on Netflix.

“Cobra Kai”

Cobra Kai He established his roots in the adolescent genre decades after his source, the Karate Kid, It became a popular teen action movie in the 1980s. Netflix series pays homage to Johnny Lawrence (William Zabkaand Daniel LarseauRalph Macchio) as they struggle to safely teach Karate and its lessons to high school children in the valley.

The young characters who make up the next generation of karate students are intertwined in various love triangles throughout the show’s first four seasons. Season 5 is set to come later this year as the series moves through the plot and roots of the original films.

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