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Best Animated Movies to Watch on Netflix (2022)

Streaming giant Netflix is ​​just beginning to understand the potential of anime series and movies. There has been a massive increase in Netflix’s catalog of animated titles, and it doesn’t look like the momentum will stop anytime soon. From the enchanting slice of life to the unforgettable action adventures, the animated films excel at capturing the attention of the masses.

Although there are titles for every demographic on Netflix, some movies stand out — making them well worth a watch. Here are the best animated movies on Netflix that are worth watching.

Violet Evergarden movie

Violet Evergarden It is the franchise considered by many to be a hit at Netflix when they started immersing themselves in the animation industry. A wonderful animated film as a conclusion to Violet Evergarden: Immortality and the Memory Mechanic Dollreleased in 2019.

Produced by Kyoto Animation, the film continues the story of two separated sisters who are given the opportunity to reconnect through Violet’s postal service. The movie is an honest watch with a narrative that will keep viewers glued to the screen until the credits are up.

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Sharp away

For those who love cats and enjoy cinema, Sharp away It is a beautiful story that sums up the spirit of self-discovery and how each person must go through unique experiences in order to grow up. The story follows Mio Sasaki, who transforms into a cat while trying to get the attention of her classmate, Kento.

While it seems as if Sharp away It is a typical love story, transformed into something profound. While Mio doesn’t necessarily get what she wants by turning into a cat, she does get a chance to think about herself and her life. Her transformation into a cat helps her make life-changing decisions.

Bubble words like soda pop

Contrary to the visual aesthetics of Your Name And the silent sound to which many anime fans are accustomed, Bubble words like soda pop Aret is a unique experience with its expressive style. The movie is charming, captivating and simple with a stroey rom-com and a great soundtrack.

When two socially awkward teens intersect, they discover the power of conversation and music, and how something as simple as that can bring people together. The film perfectly captures the atmosphere of summer and provides a relaxing hour.

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Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters

Stay away from emotional drama and romantic movies, Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters It is the first animated film in the franchise. The movie is set in the far future after Godzilla took control of nearly 20,000 years, and humans are trying to recolonize the Earth.

Although the subject matter may seem a bit dark, the animation is incredible, paired with commendable action sequences. The film is the first in a trilogy that explores the struggle between divine creatures, accompanied by a domineering soundtrack.

Beautiful Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal

sailor moon She has captured the hearts of anime fans for decades with her flashy costumes and magical adventures. Sailor Scouts, charming girls with powerful abilities, take on an all-new mission to save the world from the forces of evil in this feature-length film.

However, in Beautiful Guardian Sailor Moon EternalAgainst the Circus of the Dead Moon, the Marine Scouts must face a vicious group looking to end the world. It is up to Sailor Moon and her allies to fight for what they hold dear and pass on the power of friendship and courage. The movie is perfect to exist sailor moon For fans, and for new viewers wanting to know more about the classic Magical Girls series.

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