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7 films like the first year to watch the next

For years, teen movies have been telling the old story of the famous blonde cheerleader with her sexy boyfriend and the prospect of being dubbed the prom queen. But Netflix Graduation Year Put a new spin on this trope of making our brave protagonist nearly 40 years old. In this stand-up comedy led by Rebel Wilson, high school student Stephanie in 2002 falls into a coma and wakes up 20 years later. Now, as an adult, she is ready to finish her last year of high school.

Lots of movies have followed the story of the body swap: For example, it was the wizard that turned 12-year-old Josh Baskin into an adult played by Tom Hanks, and the wizard that made teen Billy Batson turn into Shazam. Graduation Year subverts the traditional expectation of Desire erred in the aging of her commanding figure; She’s basically getting old like the rest of us, but, unfortunately for her, she’s losing a good chunk of her life. for each third party, Graduation Year It’s already hit #1 on Netflix, so whether you enjoyed the story or Wilson’s charming comedy performance, here are seven like-minded movies to watch next.

Today’s movie

7 13 go on 30

Likes Graduation YearAnd the 13 go on 30 It focuses on a teenage girl who wakes up in the body of an adult (played by Jennifer Garner) with no memory of the past two decades. When 13-year-old Gina Rink wishes to become “30, full of vitality and prosperity,” her dream comes true. But her desire to become an adult isn’t all she’s made of when she finds out that she’s rude to almost everyone, no longer talks to her parents, and hasn’t heard from her best friend in years. She soon learns that adulthood is not that joyful and she learns to appreciate her youth.

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6 17 again

In 2009, Zac Efron and Matthew Perry took on the role of Mike O’Donnell, a man who returns to high school after a mysterious janitor turns him back on a teenager. is similar to Graduation YearThe film sees the protagonist return to high school to fulfill a dream he never had the chance to fulfill. For this movie, Mike pursues his goal of a basketball career after initially giving it up to raise his first child with his then-girlfriend and current ex-wife. 17 again It’s a hilarious teen comedy, and such Graduation YearShows the development of his leading character as he grows and matures.

5 bring it

bring it It was the first of many this six-movie cheerleading franchise. The first film centers on the character of Torrance played by Kristen Dunst, captain of the hilarious cheerleading squad of Toros. As she transitions into her new senior position on the team, events go smoothly, but things take a turn when she discovers that the ex-captain stole all their routines from Clovers, Compton’s hip-hop band. As Toros struggles to come up with an original routine, the Clovers family establishes a way to reach out to the natives. It’s a showdown between Toros and Clovers to see who will reach first place. In addition to the previous six films, a seventh Halloween movie, Bring it on: Cheer up or Die, is under development. Per Collider, the film is expected to be released in the fall of 2022.

4 ignorant

In 1995, Alicia Silverstone, actress in Graduation Yearshine in ignorant Like Rich Valley Girl, Cher Horowitz. The film focuses on a spoiled teen who was initially an unwanted little girl due to her power, but over time, transforms into a kind and lovable matchmaker. During the film, Cher reunites two of her smitten professors, leads a disaster relief group on the beach and, most notably, takes the new Ugly Duckling, played by the late Brittany Murphy, and makes her become a confident fashion designer.

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3 Isn’t it romantic

In addition to Graduation Yearfans of Rebel Wilson have the 2019 chick flick Isn’t it romantic To watch the brilliance of the Australian actress. Wilson plays Natalie, a lady who hates the lack of realism in romantic comedies. However, having been knocked over on her head, she is awakened by flocks of heart-shaped birds, musical numbers in the street, and the sound of honking every time it bothers her—Romantic-hater Natalie finds herself trapped in a romantic comedy. Isn’t it romantic Her main character is waking up in an environment completely new to her, as is the case with Graduation Year. Of course, however, Graduation YearIts transfer is more realistic, as Bentali ends up in a fantasy world and is much more likely to wake up from a coma.

2 I mean girls

No list of popular high school movies is complete without the 2004 comedy Lindsay Lohan I mean girls. Lohan leads the film as Cady Heron, the new student at North Shore High School. Although she started out as a humble and minded person, her attachment to plastic transforms her into someone she never thought she would become. I mean girls It is an undeniable classic that goes down in history for its catchy lines, cast, and overall fun. Both Graduation Year And the I mean girls The movie is about a fish out of water in high school, and while the two are presented as a comedy, each movie contains virtuous messages about student rivalry and popularity.

1 pitch perfect

Another Rebel Wilson comedy, the first pitch perfect The film debuted in 2012 and was followed by two consecutive films. The films follow a college group a cappella in desperate need of a makeover to save themselves from the bountiful gloom and the previous disastrous year. Anna Kendrick takes a leading role as Beca, an aspiring DJ who begins to demand a new look, a new sound, and everything in her power to thrive in the competition. Wilson plays Fat Ami, an unforgettable comedic character and arguably the most memorable character.

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