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5 slasher movies with female killers

When it comes to some of the most beloved horror movies of all time, the popular genre tends to dominate the list. Whether it’s talking about Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, or any of the other killers cutting up their victims, a slasher flick has a special place in people’s hearts for a few different reasons. Topping the list right away is that the killers in these types of films have impressive looks at the expense of the main characters. At the same time, most of the killers in these movies with notable exceptions like Freddy and Jason are completely human. This also allows people to be able to root the killer to eventually come down.

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One of the things that make the slasher movies more interesting is when it’s not clear who the killer is. Sometimes, as in Scream Movies, the killer hangs out with everyone acting like his friends, while also sending the victims right and left. While slasher movies can provide the twists and turns because the killer hides his identity, when a slasher is a woman, the twists and turns are more fun because a female killer is still very rare. When a villain is revealed, it’s always a special twist and turns into a woman.

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Friday the 13th

Originally Friday the 13thThere was quite a bit of murder involved, and for most of the movie, the movie did a pretty good job of keeping the killer under wraps. In fact, the public thought they found out exactly who was doing all the damage. It was believed that Jason Voorhees was a mad monster who was killing people because of kicks and because they were as useless as drugs and alcohol. In fact, while Jason has become one of the most notorious movie killers in cinema history, most people realize that he wasn’t the biggest bad guy in the original movie.

Jason didn’t even become the killer Friday the 13th part 2 Thanks to the fact that it was his mother who began to run across the corpses like a hot knife through butter. The first film in the now-rebooted long-running franchise was actually a blazer because audiences weren’t used to seeing a middle-aged woman, who was really just an overprotective mother running on a summer camp and killing everyone they came across. It was surprise enough that “Who was the killer in Friday the 13thIt’s still a simple question that can bother even the most devoted slasher horror fan.

shout 2

In the past, fans were supposed to expect shout 2 To play with the metaphor of the killer being the woman who thinks of the first movie in this franchise, he actually pissed someone off by making him not know that Mrs. Voorhees was the real villain in the franchise. Friday the 13thOriginal flick. Actually, what Scream And the shout 2 What the Voorhees clan did was basically what the Voorhees clan did in the opposite direction. While Billy Loomis and his friend Stu were killers in the first movie, it was a mother heartbroken by the death of her psychotic son who decided to unleash havoc in the second movie.

Ms. Loomis was played by Laurie Metcalfe who was still known for playing Aunt Jackie. Roseanne when shout 2 hit theaters. Her character in the slasher movie debuted as a very friendly reporter who just wanted to try to figure out how to cover serial killers like Ghostface. It was annoying enough and fun enough that it tricked the gang into thinking they were completely helpless. Of course the other reason why it was a great choice is because it explained why Bill Loomis was originally a psychopath Scream.

Urban legend – urban legend

Urban legend – urban legend It was kind of off-brand Scream It involved a group of friends who were all in college together and killed one by one. also like ScreamIt featured a killer who was actually among the group of friends, but that’s where the movie’s similarities ended and this thriller found its footing. Although it wasn’t the best horror movie ever made, it set an interesting path where victims were killed one by one using different types of urban legends such as the one in which the hook-handed killer was, or the famous “Aryn” Are You Glad You Did you turn on the lights? “Killed in the dorm room.

While the movie was not the size ScreamShe had a lot of big stars when they were younger including Jared Leto, Rebecca Gayheart, Tara Reid and Joshua Jackson. Gayheart puts a very cute spin on a fellow killer who ends up living through the film escalation and then transfers to another college where it looks like she’ll start her crime spree again.

All boys love Mandy Lane

While Amber Heard grabs the headlines for very different reasons these days, there was a time when she was a rising star and one of the movies that separated her from the pack was All boys love Mandy Lane. This slasher teen includes a group of high school friends going to a party with Heard’s Amber Lane being the target of lust and desire from all the men in school. It turns out that Mandy isn’t the health cheerleader she appears to be, but rather a mass killer.

baby sitter

baby sitter It was never intended for the big screen as it was a Netflix original but still manages to distinguish itself thanks to the misdirection that occurs in about a third of the film. She’s the star actress who became a bit of a scream queen on Samara Weaving.

Weaving played the titular character who at first appears to be a very loving and supportive babysitter who takes care of a child with some personal issues. It turns out that she’s actually a satanic assassin hanging out with other satanic assassins. The Netflix original has some thrills and goosebumps, it has some laughs and a very likable cast even if most of them are trying to kill everyone they run through.

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