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5 Bloomhouse Horror Movies That Would Make Great Games

Founded by Jason Bloom in 2000, Bloom House Productions It is the studio responsible for producing some of the best popcorn movies of the past two decades. Although Blumhouse has produced a large number of dramas before, including such greats as injury And the BlacKkKlansmanThe production company is known for its work in the horror genre. Although its films were not a huge hit, Blumhouse quickly became home to some of the best horror franchises of the past 20 years. And with great perks, great games often follow.

Today’s video games

The horror genre is one of the most popular in modern games, and when looking at the extensive back catalog of Blumhouse releases, there are a few good movies that can be excellent video game experiences. Some of these movies might need a little reworking to fit the video game medium properly, but the potential is definitely there.

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Invisible Man

The latest movie release on this list, Blumhouse’s Invisible Man It arrived in theaters in February 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic cut short the theatrical period for the film, so many had to wait a while for it to be released digitally. For many, the wait was more than worth it.

Taking the general premise of HG Wells Invisible ManAnd the Invisible Man It subverts expectations at every turn and presents an emotionally resonant story of abuse and coercive control, using the movie’s monster premise as the perfect allegory. With Lee and Neil’s excellent writing and Elisabeth Moss’ superb acting, Invisible Man I stood out from the crowd.

the transfer Invisible Man To a video game medium it might take a little work, but it’s a story worth telling again. A simple “walking simulation” type game that could fit the narrative well, using likes layers of fear And the memory loss As inspiration, the presence of a threat from an invisible enemy constantly in the background to keep the player on guard at all times.


Through a deal with Universal, Blumhouse was able to produce 2018 Halloween. Another movie to jump on the pseudo-reboot train, Halloween It started a new chapter in the series, but kept its old characters and main traditions. While HalloweenBig Bad, Michael Myers, had a lot of screen time on video games in the past, and is rarely seen nowadays.

The most obvious way to Halloween The game will be similar to Friday the 13th The game was recently released evil dead The game, where the survivors have to fend off a single player in the role of Myers. However, the appearance of Myers in dead by day Covers this to a large extent, so the file Halloween The game should look for an alternative gameplay.

happy death day

Time loops are all the rage now, making happy death day A perfect candidate for a new horror video game. The general hypothesis of happy death day He sees a college student relive the day of his death over and over to try to determine who killed them. A video game with the same idea already has a lot of potential. By taking inspiration from Deathloop and detective games like Rulea happy death day The game can definitely work.


Cleansing As a series that’s been going on for quite some time, it’s a premise worth turning into a video game medium. Take inspiration from Escape from Tarkova disinfection The game can assign players to loot as many areas as possible before the time runs out. As the timer continues to run, the more dangerous the threats become, resulting in a risk reward system where players who spend more time in a match are rewarded with better loot.

supernatural activity

While there were a few supernatural activity The games that were released in the past, all of these games put the player in the shoes of a survivor. new supernatural activity You can take inspiration from the game PhasmophobiaAnd he ran with the noise that still surrounded him. vs PhasmophobiaTeam-based ghost hunting, a supernatural activity The game can be much more intimate and intense, making one player a resident of the house, while the other is controlling the apparition, who tries to mess with them using their supernatural abilities.

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