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11 Great Riz Ahmed Movies, TV Shows & How to Watch Them

Riz Ahmed is an actor who constantly challenges the concept of his craft. He is not afraid to try his career, taking on bolder roles as his fame grows. This courage has earned him several awards, including the 2022 Academy Award for Best Short Film (live action). Riz Ahmed’s best movies and TV shows challenge viewers, while presenting engaging and fascinating stories. Many of Ahmed’s movies and shows are available to watch on your favorite streaming services.

For this list, I have selected some of the best Riz Ahmed movies and TV shows that are streamed across multiple platforms and those that are available to rent or buy. I mainly chose films in which Ahmed is the main character or plays a very important supporting role. Also, I tried changing this selection to include multiple types. Let’s explore where you can see all these amazing projects.

(Image credit: HBO)

Night (2016)