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10 Harsh Truths From Watching Old Disney Movies

Disney movies have been the staple viewing for generations. Since the first Walt Disney Animation Studios feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs The Disney films were released in 1937, and they have drawn audiences for more than eight decades. However, Disney films, especially older ones, are not without their problems.

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Whether it’s through poor portrayal of certain sets, inappropriate storylines, or problematic elements that are now unacceptable, many of the old Disney films have aged pretty badly. Viewers should prepare themselves for some harsh realities when playing an old Disney movie.

10 Women have a small agency

Although princesses are heroines in many Disney movies, they often have little agency and control in their lives. Female characters are often under the rule of their fathers, on the run from men, or redeemed by men. While it is difficult to portray women as needing to be rescued by men, it is even worse to show disapproval in the process.

Several of the female characters are saved by kissing the Prince, something neither Snow White nor Sleeping Beauty agrees with. Modern films have improved in this direction, with women successfully saving themselves or succeeding through strong bonds with other women, as in moana or frozen.

9 Movies contain many racial stereotypes

Many early Disney films, usually seen as animals, contained very offensive and overt stereotypes. The audience pointed out anti-black stereotypes in Dumbo racist Asian stereotypes in aristocracy, Racism and cultural appropriation in Peter Pan.

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Fortunately, this is not accepted in today’s society and will not be seen in a modern animated film. It makes viewers wonder if the creators of the old Disney movies didn’t see the problems the way they portrayed people of color and the harmful stereotypes they pushed forward.

8 Any person is often symbolized as evil or inferior

A common metaphor in the media is to portray the villain as inferior to the protagonist, usually in very problematic ways. Some films focus on the external aspects of the villain, combining physical features with internal features shorthand.

Villains like Jafar, Scar, and Ursula appear as caricatures, often flamboyant and impressionable. Additionally, Ursula was based on an American actor and drag queen named Divine. The portrayal of people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and people of plus size as evil only serves to reinforce the terrible stereotype that such groups are unnatural, unpopular, or less deserving of existence and success.

7 Not many voice actors provide the singing voice for their characters

Almost every Disney movie is a musical. If it’s not a musical, Disney movies tend to feature many musical moments and elements. The voice actors behind famous Disney characters have gotten creative in their roles, but many of them have never sung their characters’ songs.

characters from The Lion King, Aladdin, Mulan, Many others had separate voice actors to sing. While this isn’t noticeable for some characters, the contrast can be heard for others, pulling viewers out of the movie completely.

6 The movie that gave the world ‘Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da’ is incredibly racist and problematic

“Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da” may sound like a fun and innocent song, but it comes from one of Disney’s most controversial films: Southern song. south song Set at the end of the Civil War, the film has been criticized by many for its glorification of slavery and its racist portrayal of the African American community.

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remove disney south song It is available in all home video formats and is not available to stream on Disney+. It looks like Disney is trying to wipe this movie out of existence, and rightfully so.

5 A lot of the source material is incredibly dark

Disney is known for its harrowing stories, which usually include outcast characters and deceased parents, but their films almost always have a happy ending or the characters live “happily ever after.” However, the source material on which many of the Disney films are based is usually much darker.

proverbs Cinderella And the the little Mermaid Based on fairy tales that end with heartbreak, pain, death, and flickering eyeballs. This would be a shock to any kid who wants to read the original script on which their favorite movies are based.

4 Animation style does not come close to more modern films

For those who grew up watching Disney’s past animation features, early animation styles won’t come as a shock to them to rewatch, even after experiencing the amazing advances in animation in the past few decades.

However, for younger kids who are accustomed to the amazing 3D animation of movies like moana And the Frozen II It may be shocking to return to the less polished 2D animation.

3 They do not represent the historical reality

Many Disney animation features are derived from historical events or real people. One of the most notable examples is the 1995 film Pocahontas. Pocahontas Pocahontas follows during the arrival of the English settlers. Not only does the film romanticize the relationship between Pocahontas and John Smith, but it adapts it to seem less fitting.

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When John Smith met Pocahontas, he was 28 and she was only 11 Pocahontas, The life of the honorary person until the age of majority. Pocahontas He also omitted other terrible details about the real Pocahontas, pushing the “white savior” metaphor.

2 Live-Action redefines audiences

Disney’s animated features are so beloved that they decided to capitalize on their popularity by adapting the stories into live action movies. Many of these movies feature lavish musical numbers, great performances, great costumes, and great CGI. Some viewers felt that the live-action reproductions were improvements over the originals.

Others, however, were disappointed, feeling that the introduction of films into the 21st century removed some of the magic that the original films had. It can be argued that refactors take away from mobile features by trying to update them when it is not necessary.

1 There is an astonishing amount of underage drinking

movies like Dumbo And the Pinocchio Some of the most memorable and memorable scenes show young characters engaging in heavy drinking and underage smoking. It is now rare in modern TV shows and movies to see adults smoking and drinking excessively. Additionally, filmmakers are unlikely to show a child or young adult drinking alcohol and then direct that film to children.

While scenes often highlight the characters’ innocence and naivety, depicting minors drinking as a comical educational experience is probably not the best thing to promote for children.

Beowulf in the Armor movie, Antz movie and Thumbelina in the animated movies

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