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10 Great Animated Movies Everyone Has Forgotten To Exist

Thanks to studios like Disney and DreamWorks, everyone has a favorite animated movie. Whether it’s about nostalgia or just great stories, animation holds a special place in the hearts of many fans. Everyone knows the famous and critically acclaimed cartoon features like Beauty and the beast or the king lion. However, there are animated films that did not receive immediate acclaim or did not perform well at the box office that also affected the lives of many fans.

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Simply because they lacked money or because few critics didn’t enjoy it, many great stories were forgotten. These films are worth remembering, watching and enjoying. Not only was the passion and hard work involved in making these films, but the end products were as good as any critically acclaimed animation – although not appreciated at the time of its release.

10 Treasure Planet: A Great Adaptation

despite of treasure planet Failing to bring in big bucks at the box office, the movie itself is a thrilling adventure and a brilliant creative adaptation of the classic novel. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. The film is about feisty teenager Jim, who finds a treasure map and is thrown into a world of pirates, treasures and life at sea – or rather, life in space.

Between a grumpy teenage conductor searching for his place in the world, a rock soundtrack by James Newton Howard that perfectly matches the angst, a delightful cast of characters, and beautiful outer space animation, it’s a wonder why more people haven’t found a trove that’s Treasure Planet.

9 Finding Self-Value in The Shark’s Tale

Although not as popular as other DreamWorks features, Shark’s Tale It is a joy that has been underestimated. This light-hearted comedy follows a fish named Oscar striving to raise his profile, and his friend Lenny, a shark struggling to show his true colors to his father.

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There is no doubt that this is a creative way to tell a story about finding self-worth without having to validate others, and the whole time is full of laughter for the whole family. Plus, with vocal talents like Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, and Renee Zellweger, it’s hard to go wrong.

8 Oliver & Company and Important Messages

It’s so sad when a movie like Oliver & Co It carries such meaningful messages and is still being ignored. This movie follows a kitten named Oliver as he tries to survive on the streets of New York City. During his journey, he meets a gang of dogs led by Dodger trying to take care of their human who is deeply in debt and struggling to make ends meet. Oliver, Dodger and the gang together help their human and rescue a little girl along the way.

This story does a wonderful job of showing the financial desperation many in America face, and the importance of doing a good job by someone – even if it’s a stranger.

7 Soul: The horse of Cimarron shows true freedom

Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron Shows a new perspective on colonialism – the perspective of a free wild animal. It follows a stallion that does not give up hope of escape after being captured by profit-seeking humans. Everything in this movie gives the viewer a sense of freedom and a surprising appreciation for nature, animals and all things with a wild spirit.

With a great storyline, paired with an inspiring soundtrack featuring Brian Adams, and stallion voiced by Matt Damon, it’s a shame. spirit It is often overlooked.

6 Family respect in my brother bear

Disney bear brother It places special emphasis on the interconnected and interdependent nature, especially in relation to the family. After the bear is needlessly killed, the great spirits the protagonist turns into a bear as punishment and he must travel to the Northern Lights to become human again. Along the way, he learns important lessons about the value of each life and the meaning of family.

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Since the film did not reach record sales, it was often rejected. But it is important to remember that earnings (or lack thereof) do not always correlate with the quality of the film itself. With a strong main character who needs to grow and change, mixed with the genius that is the result of Phil Collins’ music, this movie is worth watching every time.

5 Home value at home on the scale

despite Home run A favorite with critics, young and old found this movie to be fun. Fans who grew up watching this movie love it not only for the nostalgia but also for the funny and surprising emotional story of some cows trying to save their home.

His timing was perfect because the financial crisis came just a few years later, and left millions of Americans looking for new homes. So, it is no wonder that this movie lives on in the hearts of many fans and deserves to be enjoyed by many.

4 A wacky movie is a good time for parents

Despite being another Disney “failure”, idiot movie It is a fun and exhilarating experience, perhaps more for parents than for their children. After his son Max gets into trouble over a prank meant to impress his teen, this movie follows Goofy as he tries to reconnect with his son on a road trip. It’s fair to say that parents find teenage clichés funnier than most kids.

Beneath the laughs, there is an unexpected depth to this film. She struggles with the struggles of being a single parent on top Parenting a hormonal teen (which the public agrees is hard enough). idiot movie It will still relate only to the new generations of parents and teens.

3 Guardians’ rise and fall in popularity

rise of the guardians It received fairly good reviews from critics and became a cult following for a short time after its release. Unfortunately, he appears to have had his “15 minutes of fame” and has since been left behind.

Those who remember know very well how influential the plot is; How each guardian – from Jack Frost to the Tooth Fairy – had a back story, and how they came together perfectly on their journey to protect all the children from the darkness. We hope the world will remember how amazing this movie was again.

2 Dinosaur: a visual delight

dinosaur Follows an orphaned dino and his family of lemurs as they search for a safe haven when meteorites strike Earth – they encounter challenges from nature and each other along the way. It walks the heartstrings and has great visuals of the time of its release; By combining both computer-generated animation, on-site footage, and live footage, it imparts a unique experience to the audience.

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Both reviews and box office numbers for dinosaur she was humbleAnd the And the as a result of, dinosaur Unfortunately it was forgotten. Regardless, the movie has a lot to offer and deserves to be enjoyed by the audience.

1 Balto: A true story

Based on real events, Balto It tells the incredible story of a wolf dog who is tasked with a trek through the brutal Alaskan landscape with a sled full of lifesaving medicine. In doing so, Balto saves the lives of several children and is finally accepted by the townspeople who previously behaved cruelly towards him.

Inspiration in more ways than one. Balto It holds timeless lessons about bias, fairness, and overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles. This movie deserves to be remembered, watched and enjoyed for years to come and should be at the top of anyone’s watch list.

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