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10 Characters With No Emotions In Netflix Movies

Viewers see all kinds of characters in Netflix movies, which is what makes the storyline interesting because it includes transformative character arcs. These arcs usually involve facing all the experiences necessary to become their best selves. Oftentimes, characters are straightforward about how they feel when facing certain challenges, too.

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Characters who are not afraid to express their feelings are entertaining to watch. Dramatic passion, especially when she performs well, attracts the audience. However, this is not always the case. Some characters prefer not to be sentimental, or be completely emotionless, or have their rigid nature used for humor in their own films.

10 PERFECT DATE: Despite his personality, Charlie Ratigan never showed any affection

Although he appears to be a supportive and caring father who wants nothing but the best for his son, Brooks, Charlie Ratigan doesn’t show much emotion while doing so. He has strong love and unwavering protection for his son, but Charlie’s feelings do not always correspond to what he says he feels. Instead, Charlie is a calm, introverted and reflective person.

Notably, Charlie seems a bit empty as he tries to get his life back on track after leaving his wife. Things start looking for Charlie, receiving the Visionary Writer Scholarship and still giving his support to Brooks by the end The perfect date.

9 Murder mystery: Susie Nakamura is still indifferent

mystery murder Suzy has an expressionless face when interacting with others. Over the murder mysteryHer character remains incredibly indifferent. Her indifference is especially evident after she receives an insult, as she shows some irritation by moving her eyes slightly but never seems to be bothered.

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Although it worked and Suzy eventually revealed her true personality and intentions when the truth behind the mystery was revealed, she continued to show little or no emotion before her death.

8 Adam’s Project: Maya Suryan has no manners

Maya Suryan’s only goal is to protect what she worked for at all costs. Seeing her younger self, viewers see how unemotional Maya has become. What’s interesting is that instead of smiling or showing a lot of anger during it Adam’s ProjectMaya is basically apathetic and collected, even as she threatens to kill little Adam.

Maya also kissed Adam on the cheek while holding him at gunpoint. Most of the time, she remains eerily quiet. It’s safe to say that Maya doesn’t quite have her heart up her sleeve.

7 Let It Snow: Kira’s hard-heartedness gave the wrong message

at christmas rom-com let it snow, Keira is the publicist for Stewart, a famous singer, and her main focus is her job. That’s why, upon moving him out of Jolie’s home, Kira immediately ensures that he’s protected by trying to sign Jolie into a nondisclosure agreement.

Kira also gets to the point when she says that Jolie’s connection with Stewart isn’t real. Possessing a strict and sometimes negative attitude towards everything and everyone, Kira goes through her life getting things done while devoid of emotion.

6 Always Be Maybe: Brandon Choi doesn’t care about anyone but himself

Always be maybe mine Brandon Choi doesn’t care about anyone but himself. The interactions he’s had with his fiancée, Sasha, are simply for the media and all Brandon is looking for are more opportunities to advance his career. This is especially evident when they are alone in the car, and he doesn’t pay any attention to her while texting.

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When Sasha scolds Brandon for being a bad partner, he is only shocked for a few moments. Brandon clearly does not feel any love for Sasha, but just wanted a public relationship to advance his career.

5 Sierra Burgess is a loser: Counselor Stevens is helpful but not expressive

in Sierra Burgess is a loser, Sierra tries to stand out in college and seeks help from Chancellor Stevens. Although she offers helpful advice, counselor Stevens deals with it in a harsh and honest manner. This appears when Chancellor Stevens asks Sierra what languages ​​she speaks.

Sierra lists three languages ​​and Chancellor Stevens responded that it’s not impressive because one billion people speak one of the languages ​​I listed. However, this cold approach is effective and encourages Sierra to keep working hard and look for other ways to be unique. Although she is emotionless, she fits the personality of Chancellor Stevens.

4 Last summer: Chad has a desperate nature

It seems as if Chad is in a permanent state of impotence last summer. Unlike his best friend, Reese, he doesn’t think their social life will ever improve. It was only when they were confused with adults that Chad began to show more confidence in himself.

As a pessimist, Chad always portrays the worst-case scenario, but he has Reese push him to enjoy himself. When Chad can no longer stand to lie and tell a woman he’s dating the truth about his age, he’s having a big moment. Before that, though, Chad didn’t show much emotion during it last summer.

3 Work on it: the crow is the least emotional character in this movie

Raven is a rebellious and introverted person who doesn’t care about socializing. At first, she was held back and hesitant to audition for Quinn’s dance team, but changed her mind after some persuasion. Raven doesn’t have many fonts do it, But what you are saying is completely dark. For example, she suggests “The Raptures” when they’re trying to come up with a name for the team.

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Although viewers see her crying after her qualifying performance, it’s usually impersonal. For the most part, Raven remains conservative.

2 It’s all of it: Celeste Straczynski is a dead character

in It’s all thisCeleste is still determined to stay away from the norm. She is very direct with her socially progressive views, and the disdain she feels for many things (especially high school) is still palpable.

Aside from making fun of another character and celebrating on stage after winning the title of Prom Queen, Celeste has appeared all the time. It’s all this Mostly consist of dead end delivery. In general, she has a stoic demeanor.

1 To all the boys: Note: I still love you: Haven thinks everything isn’t great

To all the boys: Note: I still love you He has a great support team. Haven is a supportive character who seems bored all the time and is constantly talking on her phone. Haven clearly doesn’t care much about family gatherings when the Covey siblings wear the traditional clothing of their grandparents and Haven chooses not to.

When she asks her mother if she regrets it, Haven sarcastically replies that she did. She acts like she doesn’t care about anything and talks in a monotonous voice, even as she says how she thought the thing Lara Jean did was surprisingly cool. Haven’s character embodies apathy.

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